I had a great conversation with a business owner today and it reminded me of something I’ve been saying for a while…

“Know you, Like you, Trust you” is a concept that every business owner should be aware of and take to heart.

Moving along the continuum from where customers know who you are, to them liking and appreciating what you do and to them totally trusting your brand is a long and arduous process…

Of course once they trust you, that’s where the Word Of Mouth (WOM) process begins but of course, WOM has a shelf life.

People’s trust and confidence in you can erode over time. They forget about you. WOM can dry up quickly.

Not only do you have to DO good work but you have to REMIND them that you’re doing good work every day or they’ll forget.

That’s where daily Social Media posting comes in. It’s the most effective way to REMIND people that they Know, Like and Trust you.

Your company logo only has to flash by as they’re scrolling their news feed. Their eyes may not even see it but their subconscious brain did, I promise… #winning

Just a Reminder
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K.G.D.S. (Keep Going Don’t Stop)
Daniel Wainwright