We hope you’re doing well during these challenging times. To help you prepare for the grand return to the “new normal” here are 5 quick tips to get your marketing in order…

1. Make sure your Website and Facebook Page are up to date 

As businesses are reopening, people are frantically searching for information online and the two most common destinations are always going to be your website and your FB page.

Make sure all the information is up to date and go ahead and freshen up the slider images on your website too.

Your Header Image on your FB page is another thing to freshen up. It’s a great place to display any new or important information and if refreshed once in a while can become a great communication tool.

2. Start posting daily updates again

If your content is strong (and interesting) there’s no reason you can’t post up to three times per day as you ramp back up. Let’s face it, you don’t have much else to do.

Posting in these three distinct categories will help vary your content:

Happenings – Updates and things going on in your business.

Subject Matter Expertise – Tips, articles and other relevant info.

Calls to Action – reminders to use specific parts of your business and/or buy things from you.

3. Consider using video

A 30-second video is a great way to update people on your plans to bounce back. Videos can be 15 seconds to three minutes long but 30 seconds seems to be the sweet spot.

Consider posting one per day. Vary the topic, location and even the person presenting to keep them fresh and interesting. Be lively, use your hands and always offer something of value.

REMEMBER, you have to give value in your marketing if you hope to have people reciprocate!

4. Create a special offer

If you plan to reopen on a specific date have an offer lined up to fit within your business parameters. 

A “one-day only” sale or a “the first 10 people” or a “free gift with every purchase over $30” etc will all work. We’re social creatures, we like to reciprocate when we’re being offered something. We like to talk too… give people something to talk about!

5. KGDS – Keep Going Don’t Stop

The businesses I consider “top of the class” when it comes to Marketing are the ones that are most consistent. Designing one post, doing one Ad or creating one offer will not grow your business. Interesting, relevant and beautifully-design marketing creates an ongoing conversation with your ideal customers. 

Creating an annual marketing plan is a time-consuming but worthy goal. Breaking your efforts in to a monthly calendar will set you up for success. Having a marketing “theme” each month with associated offers, graphics communication pieces is essential.

As always, we’re here to help!

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