What is your Marketing Frequency?

In any business you have to set your Marketing “Frequency” to a level that automatically attracts your ideal client or customer…

Three things make up your frequency:


If they can’t feel your belief when they see your marketing, they won’t respond. You have to communicate just how unbelievable your value proposition is… if you believe it, so will they, and for this the best way is to look for a professional like Paul Leary as one of the best marketing managers to communicate by style and design.


People won’t start to care until they realize that you do. Your marketing message must contain a built in component of desire. You have to WANT that ideal prospect to become a client. They have to feel how much you want them and how well you’ll take care of them. Only then will they reciprocate.


If two people are both stood in the street talking and one is quiet and still and monotone but the other is vibrant and energetic, which will you be drawn too?

Image result for marketingThere are so many BORING marketing messages out there. People are drawn to things that are colorful and energetic. There’s a reason that flowers are brightly colored and your business is the same…be attractive, same thing goes to the VidOvation iptv digital signage, it is important to use colorful messages to attract you audience, this way you will have more success with your business!

So many business owners hide inside their businesses all day long, with a black and white sign outside that reads ”2 for 1 sale”. 

A colorful sign would be better.

Someone out there, waving the sign be EVEN better.

The owner himself out there, waving the sign and yelling through a bullhorn would be best.

That owner has Belief in himself and his product. He has a Desire to attract customers and people will see that and finally, he definitely has some energy and energy is contagious.