The 3 Post “Types” EVERY Social Media Campaign should have.

Businesses typically have different goals when it comes to Social Media Marketing. Of course, the overall goal is almost always to grow the business and/or increase revenues and profits but there’s typically a slightly different emphasis in each case.

Regardless of a business’s particular goals it’s incredibly important to have your social media posts fall into one of these three categories. You may post more heavily into one of these categories depending on the type of business and your objectives but incorporating all three is critical.

First, and most importantly “Happenings”. Giving your audience an ongoing look inside the business and keeping them up to date on what’s going on is HUGE. A musician or band may post pictures of recent and upcoming gigs. A restaurant may post images of the dish of the day or the current happy hour specials. Letting people know what’s going on is massive.

Secondly, “Subject Matter Expertise” style posts are important to establish your business as “in the know”. It’s very important to position yourself as the expert whenever possible. It builds trust and credibility and it allows you to charge a premium for your services. A Spa that regularly posts about the latest innovations in spa treatments and the science behind them can quickly position themselves as the “go-to” business for people who take their health and appearance seriously. Additionally, these people are always the ones willing to pay the most.

Finally, a “Call to Action” post can drive business. They can include special offers and discounts to information on new product launches and campaigns. It comes down to using these posts to test different approaches to driving traffic. Either online or into a physical business.

So once you’ve create engagement with “happenings” and positioned yourself as an expert with “Subject Matter Expertise”, it’s time to ring the bell with a strong “Call to Action”.

Good Luck!

Daniel Wainwright

Daniel is a Business Owner, Speaker and Coach living in Southwest Louisiana. While running a thriving Advertising Consulting Business he finds the time to coach other successful business owners on leveraging their marketing opportunities to drive revenue and profits.