How to get your listing photos done professionally for FREE*

*assuming you’re going to be advertising yourself and your listings (which you should)

Would you like to have high quality photos of every listing you take? The kind of photos that make the potential buyer say WOW…

Using a professional photographer isn’t cheap but here’s a way to get the work done for free. You’ll simply need to find a local photographer that’s willing to trade with you. In exchange for going to your listing for an hour to take some great shots, you’ll offer to give the photographer some exposure through your already existing marketing efforts.

1. Give them a quarter of your print ad in the local realtor magazine or the local newspaper.

2. Give them a full page on your website. Make them your “featured” photographer.

3. Give them a rider on the real estate sign.

4. Add they’re logo to any brochures or promotional materials you produce.

5. Give the a prominent spot in your real estate office to display their business cards etc.

6. Invite them in to the office to speak briefly at your weekly sales meting.

Any or all of these options would be a great way to trade for awesome listing photos…you know it’ll make a huge different to your listings and your business…!

Article written by Daniel Wainwright