…that 2019 is just around corner?

Years and years ago when I worked as a Financial Advisor, I used to quote a stat all the time. It went like this, “Most people spend more time planning their annual vacation each year than they do their retirement”. 

The same is 100% true of business owners. Almost zero time is spent planning ahead.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that only 1 in 100 small to medium-sized business owners have planned ANYTHING business or marketing-wise for 2019 and only 1 in 1,000 will have mapped out the whole year. It’s already Dec 11th…!!

Larger businesses to a greater extent, will have done it. Certainly those with experienced executive and marketing teams. There are some Japanese companies that are already planning for 2119. No, that’s NOT a typo, Japanese companies often create 100 year business plans.

I’ll go ahead and brag on myself, I’m done planning 2019. I’ve already written down (month by month) when I’ll run certain promotions (based on holidays) and when I’ll focus on growing certain parts of our business. I know that business will be slower in the summer and crazy at the end of the year. I know when my energy levels will be high and when they may be lower.

I also know (conservatively) what my revenue and profit should be next year, so I know what I’m able to spend on education and training for myself. I also know how much I can invest into improvements for the business.

Finish up an hour early this afternoon, take your car and find a parking spot somewhere with a nice view and spend an hour with a blank pad and a pen. Magical things will happen…!